Motorola PRO+ the Blackberry Killer! Err, wait a minute?!

Motorola Pro+ 4G

Motorola Pro+ 4G

Today Motorola announced the PRO+: a 4G Blackberry look-a-like with a touch screen and keyboard. I thought we had all pretty much agreed that Blackberry was going to languish in a painful death spiral, with BBX being it’s final, Shakespearian monologue.

I didn’t think anyone would jump on the hey, if you want a blackberry but don’t want a Blackberry wagon that quickly.  I thought they would at least wait until RIM had closed shop and let the QNX team go back to what they do best: running BMW’s and nuclear power plants – not Playbooks!

So I think it’s over-ambitious of Motorola to pull this stunt.  And the phone doesn’t even look that good – at least Blackberries still look better.  It might even been counter productive since it validates the form-factor – and it’s the visual style that most people see first so in-fact it validates Blackberry!

Remember the last company that tried to make a Blackberry killer? And what’s Nokia up to now? Climbing into bed with Microsoft!!! At least they didn’t call it the BLKBRY.