Skim Boarding at Kinney Shores, ME

Cowabunga Dude!

This year Steph (@Mononque) and I decided to take our family vacations together and head down to the beach in America’s Vacation Land of Maine and like all good Quebecers we ended up very close to Old Orchard Beach on a very cool strip of sand called Kinney Shores. We had awesome weather and spent many days just sitting in the sand, “keeping hydrated” and playing in the waves with the kids. On this one particular Sunday afternoon the tide was coming in pretty high and pretty hard, breaking on the beach and making for some pretty exciting wave play. I thought I was doing well until I broke 2 [really cheap] boogie boards and started getting tossed around pretty wildly in the white stuff. That’s when these three guys decided to come out and play with their “made for low tide rides” Skim Boards.  So here are some Skim Boarding pics taken by myself of Jake G. and a couple of his buddies down on Kinney Shores. They were awesome fun to watch and our kids thought they were the coolest guys on the beach that day.

If your iDevice does not like Flash slide shows, please head on over to my Flickr Stream and see the pics there

These waves got up to about 6 feet at their best and were totally breaking on the beach and this was at the peak of high tide too. What this means is that if you get thrown off of a beach breaking wave, you pretty much fall on hard sand, wrist, ankles and tailbones beware. And then of course that same wave crashes on top of your and tosses you around the ringer a few times.  So after seeing both of their dads thrown around and given salt water enemas for an hour, you can imagine how come our kids were more impressed with Jake and his friends who just surfed straight into these waves time and time again, chasing down their boards, no leashes here, and most times getting up just in time to have their friends shout out: WAVE or BOARD as either one would come crashing on top of them.

Our thanks to Jake and the Guys for a really entertaining day.