Apple Safari with Extensions Gallery, Still Not FireFox

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Apple – Safari – Safari Extensions Gallery:

“Extensions are a great way for you to add new features to Safari 5.0.1. Built by developers, Safari Extensions use the latest HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript web technologies. And they’re digitally signed and sandboxed for improved security. You can install extensions with one click — no need to restart Safari.”

I’ve been a long time FireFox user, but lately I’ve been flip flopping between all three non-IE browsers. And more often than not I tend to stick around longest in Safari. It is in fact my default browser and it also runs in 64bit so this might explain the preference and what made me switch was the new extensions. I had been using the Safari Extensions Tumblr site as my source. But this morning Apple kindly updated Safari to 5.1 and opened the official flood gates to extension nirvana.

For me the best stuff has mostly been in Productivity: (read on for links and why I’m using them)

Funny enough, I haven’t needed anything like Web Developer or FireFTP since I use Safari’s debugger and dev tools and have been using here.

Adblock.jpgNumber One above all others is the Safari version of AdBlock! Flash does indeed suck, but is suck even more when it’s in a crappy ad that brings my browser to a crawl or worse yet crash it altogether.

Description: AdBlock banishes all ads on all web pages. Once you install AdBlock, you’ll immediately see the results. Visit your favorite websites and watch as ads disappear.
Tynt Blocker simply blocks the annoying Tynt copy/paste junk, It’s worth reading the code for this extension if you dislike Tynt as much as I do. Brad Dougherty clearly feels the same way about them. You can download the extension here, it’s not quite in the Apple Safari Extension gallery yet.
Exposer.jpgExposer is basically Expose for your Safari Tabs:
DescriptionExposer gives you a preview of the content on your open Safari tabs, so you can easily and quickly find the tab with the website you’re looking for.

Reloader.jpgReloader IS the missing refresh button for Safari. Thank you kindly to John Siracusa of Ars Technica for filling in the blank space.
Description: Reload Button adds a reload button that you can move to anywhere in the Safari toolbar.
Safari Restore.jpgSafari Restore could possibly be the Tipping Point for me to use Safari form now on. It simply restores all of the tabs form the last time your opened safari. Last Session / Tab Mix Plus anyone?
Description: Automatically restore your previous Safari browsing session.
InstapaperIT.jpg InstapaperIt lets you send links to articles to your Instapaper account. You can choose one of two ways to do this: Click a link while holding down a modifier key or select the contextual menu item. I’ve been using this one a lot lately as it works with Google Reader, iPhone Safari and Reeder for iPhone for I can save stuff up to peruse later. It is slowly replacing Delicious Bookmarks since I don’t have to tag anything.