Fly Porter to the Island

I heading into Toronto this morning for a meeting in the City and get to fly Porter again. I always love to fly Porter, they us Bombardier Q400 trubo props with a lush interior. The staff are always very friendly and helpful and when the plane lands at Toronto City airport, which is this tiny little island in the city centre, you always feel like you are about to land at the foot of the CN tower. And after the flight you have to take this tiny ferry to get across the 100 metre stretch of water that seperates the Rhode Island-esque Airport from the buslting Metropolois.

It always feels weird flying to Toronto from Montreal because it's 45 minute flight in contrast to the 6 hour drive. I guess that since most of the flights I taken in my life have been over the Altantic everything feels else feels like a bus ride.

Enjoy some of the shots from the short trip.