ForkBombr — What Apple Needs to Get Done at Friday’s Press Conference

ForkBombr — What Apple Needs to Get Done at Friday’s Press Conference:

“I think the best outcome is a three-pronged fix:

  1. A slightly-revamped iPhone 4 with a clear coating on the steel band.
  2. A free Bumper — or unit replacement — for any phones that display the issue. Since every phone doesn’t exhibit the problem, this wouldn’t be a full-blown recall.
  3. The software update promised a few weeks ago will still be pushed out, but with a statement from Apple that it cannot fix the issue on its own.

Anything less than this, and Apple is going to look like they are trying to cover something up. Apple has to be completely honest and open with the public. Anything less with only further damage the brand.”

I totally agree with Stephen here. I don’t think this is as bad as Microsoft’s Kevin Turner is making out to be: “It looks like the iPhone 4 might be their Vista, and I’m okay with that”. Honestly, and call me an apologist if you want but I have a feeling Apple will simply open up, make their peace and then we can all move on to why an All-Star game was held on a Tuesday or what the hell we are going to do about the Thesis WordPress theme.


  1. I did in fact watch it, Matt from WP didn't come out looking as strong as he usually does he was a lot more reserved and reflective. I was actually surprised at how much Chris from the Thesis group just came off looking like an arrogant douche who in his own mind is the only good thing about WordPress, I would have expected this kind of behaviour from a developer on multiple platforms. But Thesis' bread and butter lies solely on the WordPress platform. This will not end well

  2. Yeah, I didn't clear sense from either one of them of the core issue and solution. If the issue is whether Thesis has to use the GPL then maybe talking to some lawyers would have been more productive. The way it ended it sounded like taking the whole thing to court is the only way it would end – after a dozen appeals!