DadCast Episode 40 • Just Whipping It Out

Nearly Live From The Wendyhouse Studios of Valois Bay…

We WERE on a BREAK!It’s not a hiatus! We were on a break! Now that everyone is all healthy, employed and actually in town, we got back to the nitty gritty of ripping apart bad technology from HP and RIM and flirting with the thought of getting iPads. Will Steph get on board the Apple train and finally abandon his Sony Ericsson? We also talk cameras as both Steph and Steve look into some dSLR’s. And generally find away to play catch up for over an hour and forty minutes. We realise that you could have gone to one of the big summer hero movies rather than hear us go on about the winter so we appreciate you downloading the show and listening in to our ranting and rambling.

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  1. Well, I have a Windows Phone and want to download the Dadcast but I cant because we arent on Zune (which isnt a great tool, I’ll admit but its what you get for Windows). Might be a thing to do to keep me in the loop. Snif Snif…

    Watch for upcoming articles and none are WoW related: new GPS (not a TomTom!), new custom built gaming station (or for my wife, replacement PC), samsung Focus Windows Phone review, and Doctor Torchwood.