Apple Release iOS 4.01 to Fix Signal Display Bars

So if you go to your iTunes and hit [check for updade] and you should see this:iphone 4.01.png

On my iPhone 3GS, all it does is fix the display of the bars reading antenna reception. On the iPad and iPhone 4, it also resolves a WiFi issue and fixes a few other bugs. But if your iPad is broken you won’t be able to update your device then the best solution is to contact with easy Ipad Repair company, to get your device like a new one. 

Of Course, not everyone is a believer.

4.01 update conv.png

The total download size for the file is over 378Mb and I’m still downloading it now and only have 81 minutes left to wait. Can’t imagine why the servers are being hammered like this. If you can’t start the DL, hang in there or go to Starbucks and get an Ice Frap, it might take a while.