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Bell Canada Sells Video Online As ISP Throttling Continues

By Johnny Canuck, May 22, 2008 1 Reviews, Tech, TECHnically

Ars Technica has a brilliant article about how absurd the Net Neutrality issue has become in Canada. I am now officially ashamed to be a content producing Web Professional in a country where official government regulators take it up the… Read More »

Homemade DS

By Johnny Canuck, May 21, 2008 Comments Off Funny, Tech, TECHnically, Video

This is pretty ingenious.

Here we go again MicroYouHoo

By Johnny Canuck, May 20, 2008 Comments Off Funny, Tech, TECHnically, Video

So I hear we’re in for a few more weeks of courting.

iPhone Comes to Canada: Rogers Sales Tank Until Q4

By Johnny Canuck, April 29, 2008 2 Reviews, Tech, TECHnically

Today “Robbers” have announced that they will be getting the Apple iPhone this year.BoyGenius Reports: It took them long enough! Rogers has finally announced that it negotiated a deal with Apple to bring the coveted iPhone to Canada. Details are… Read More »

TaskBar Shuffle: Step One Cure for my OCD

By Johnny Canuck, April 21, 2008 Comments Off Tech, TECHnically, Trick Shot

I have been looking for a small Windows app that freeze the position of my icons on the desktop on Dell notebook even after I disconnect from my big 22 inch screen to go into meeting or to hook up… Read More »