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TaskBar Shuffle: Step One Cure for my OCD

By Johnny Canuck, April 21, 2008 Comments Off Tech, TECHnically, Trick Shot

I have been looking for a small Windows app that freeze the position of my icons on the desktop on Dell notebook even after I disconnect from my big 22 inch screen to go into meeting or to hook up… Read More »

Vista SP1 Rocks? = FAIL

By Johnny Canuck, April 17, 2008 Comments Off Video

I am ashamed to own a Dell and to call myself an MS developer. Also Bruce Springsteen needs to sue for defamation.

Who’s on first!

By Johnny Canuck, April 11, 2008 Comments Off Funny, TECHnically, Video

The Two Act from Merlin Mann on Vimeo. There certain things that make Merlin Mann videos and podcasts just so damn funny! This video is one of them. Just one more Fat Dad embarrassing our kids.

The CBC weighs in on Net Neutrality: ISP’s still Suck!

By Johnny Canuck, April 2, 2008 2 Reviews, Tech, Video

Bell and other Canadian ISP seem to have hit some type of nerve in The Great White North that is usually reserved to bad Hockey fights, bashing Celine Dion and corporate America messing with sacred Tim Horton’s pastries. So I… Read More »

Bell throttling P2P and Bit Torrent Protocols: Everyone Loses!

By Johnny Canuck, March 26, 2008 5 Reviews, Tech

Bell Sympatico, The Great White North’s largest internet service provider for consumers and reseller has officially and openly started packet shaping it’s network traffic to curb the effect of peer to peer file sharing and Bit Torrent protocols. Which is… Read More »