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Making the PHP Switch… Hello WordPress!

By Johnny Canuck, October 17, 2008 Comments Off Reviews, Tech

The 2 Fat Dads sites are going to be down this weekend with the slight exception of this blog which is hosted by Blogger (for the moment). This is because we are making a move over to PHP after a… Read More »

NASA to Launch SpaceTubes

By Johnny Canuck, October 17, 2008 Comments Off Funny, Science

According to Engagdet : “a team of diligent engineers at the California-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory, standards for space communications could be established in just three short years, meaning that an “interplanetary internet” could be just around the bend.” Great, now… Read More »

OK! NOW you have my attention!

By Johnny Canuck, October 9, 2008 2 Reviews, Tech

October 14th is the date. 

Bell GPS-Gate Update

By Johnny Canuck, October 6, 2008 Comments Off Reviews, Tech

It would appear that Bell has decided to back off it’s initial plan to thwart 3rd party access to the GPS radio on it’s BlackBerry units. Who knows if this blog, The Boy Genius Reports or the insane amount of negative posts on Howard… Read More »

The Reality of Gaming

By Johnny Canuck, October 3, 2008 Comments Off Funny, Tech

Another great realism from XKCD