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Free To Air, GoodBye Express-Vu!

By Johnny Canuck, November 11, 2008 6 Reviews, Tech

I have had a tumultuous relationship with Bell Express-Vu since day one. In fact, my relationship with Express-Vu is not all indifferent from my overall relationship with Bell. A company that is so out of touch with it’s core user… Read More »

The Economies of Coffee

By Johnny Canuck, November 8, 2008 7 Reviews, Tech

I would like to point out that I am in no way trained in the the dark arts of being and Economist, however I am rather cheap and observant. These are the only credentials that I need in order to… Read More »

FINALLY! An election I can get behind!

By Johnny Canuck, November 4, 2008 Comments Off Video

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Making the PHP Switch… Hello WordPress!

By Johnny Canuck, October 17, 2008 Comments Off Reviews, Tech

The 2 Fat Dads sites are going to be down this weekend with the slight exception of this blog which is hosted by Blogger (for the moment). This is because we are making a move over to PHP after a… Read More »

NASA to Launch SpaceTubes

By Johnny Canuck, October 17, 2008 Comments Off Funny, Science

According to Engagdet : “a team of diligent engineers at the California-based Jet Propulsion Laboratory, standards for space communications could be established in just three short years, meaning that an “interplanetary internet” could be just around the bend.” Great, now… Read More »