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Happy Bleue Beanie Day

By Johnny Canuck, November 26, 2007 Comments Off Tech, TECHnically, Trick Shot

About Blue Beanie Day 2007 Photos of people wearing blue beanies, or blue hats, but mostly blue beanies. Show your support for web standards and accessibility. Please join us on Monday, November 26, 2007 in celebrating Blue Beanie Day. —… Read More »

BreakOut !

By Johnny Canuck, November 23, 2007 Comments Off Funny, Tech

“Break Out” is a Stupid Game. Yet I still remember playing it for 4 hours straight on my Motorola Timeport 250.

Happy Turkey Day

By Johnny Canuck, November 21, 2007 1 Funny, Tech, TECHnically, Trick Shot, Video

Just something to get you Yanks ready for tomorrow from Mahalo Daily: Tired of the same old Thanksgiving traditions? Heat things up a bit this year with a 30-quart pot of boiling oil! Deep frying your turkey is a delicious… Read More »

WiFi Booster Antennas for Less than a Loonie

By Johnny Canuck, November 20, 2007 1 Science, Tech, Trick Shot, Video

I found this on Lifehacker this morning, I love this site it always some really cool DIY tips on making you life easier, whether it’s wire baskets for cleaning up cables or maxing out your WiFi signal. Rude & Cold yet Polite & Very British!

By Johnny Canuck, November 15, 2007 Comments Off Funny, Reviews, Science, Tech

Only the British can so polite as to basically tell you to bugger off politely because you’re email can’t be handled by an automated reply system and get away with it. I sent an email to the Beeb stating that… Read More »