The iPhone is the worst… « Boy Genius Report

The iPhone is the worst… « Boy Genius Report:

“But for every best, there is also a worst. And because the iPhone’s bests are so great, expectations are high and the worsts become much more pronounced. Here, I go through my compilation of the iPhone’s worst worsts.”

Not sure I agree with any of it, but it’s worth the read to gleam how sad the state of smart phones really is, when the best device on the market is referred to as iPUKE


  1. Remember, you drank the Kool-Aid. As an Android user trying the iPhone for the first time was interesting.

    Here would be the features on my phone that were missing/difficult on the iPhone

    1. Keyboard actually shows what case you are typing in. (Really fun for passwords)
    2. Back button is reachable using the phone one handed. (No my thumb is not 8″)
    3. Widgets are useful.
    4. Notifications are less annoying. You can go back to them later.
    5. Free apps can be downloaded. No password required.
    6. Icons can be placed where I want them.

  2. I honestly have to admit, without trying to start a flame war or anything, I was really surprised to read about some of the short-comings of the iPhone. Every phone I’ve had to date, including my current phone, put the basic phone functions within one or two clicks (either physical button clicks or touchscreen clicks). So to hear that Apple, which is renowned for it’s ease of use, made something so complicated really astounded me!

    Anyways, by the time my current contract ends Symbian^5 should be out! :)

  3. I use my iPhone to make and receive calls about 5 min/day. Yet, the phone rarely leaves my hands and gaze. I’m always using it for various apps. To me that speaks volumes about Apple’s insight into what we really need.

    Yes I’m still drinking the Kool-Aid Alister

    “by the time my current contract ends Symbian^5 should be out!”
    But you’ll be too old to use it.

  4. Like many iPhone users I use the voice commands. Rarely do I use the favorites, unless I’m on the phone using an app.

    Symbian? if you’re going to make an argument, don’t start by making up words. My 2 cents. :)