Here comes Google TV

So while my buddies over a 2FatDads have been busy buying up all the local stock of AppleTV‘s for every room in their house (even ones without a TV), I’ve been patiently waiting for Google TV!

And now it’s here. Almost.

Update: Logitech has announced their set-top box, the Revue, and it’s available for pre-order!

There’s no photos yet because it’s still just vapour-ware but with Logitech and Sony on-board hopefully it won’t be long.

Of course Netflix is in on the deal – suddenly they’re not the distinguishing feature anymore but good for them – but so is the Amazon Video store (probably not for us Canucks, remains to be seen). Of course Youtube is there too, so is Android, and the obligatory Android phone App for controlling your TV.

Will this be enough to convince me to come back to the living room couch and watch TV? Who knows. Will it make the other Fat Dads jealous with their Apple TV’s? Well, maybe if Larry and Sergei put on black turtle necks for the launch.

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  1. Not a Chance in Hell. You said it all with the Vapour-Ware affirmation. Nothing is out yet just some promises. Chance of getting something in stores by Christmas are even slimmer. The Apple TV might be limited to an iPod for you TV status right now, but I have more faith in Steve Jobs getting content onboard and actually developing it than Creepy Eric Schmidt being to make the hard sell and turn this is a real living room player. Also who in there right minds want to see their Tweets on a 52 inch TV? The pixelation on the Avatars is enough to make me hurl.

  2. Whoa, calm down dude! You sound like a rabid Apply fan-boy…oh, never mind. :)

    We all know this is the usual, “hey, don’t buy that iThing yet ‘cuz we have something better coming!!! Really! We promise!” But it’s fun to watch from the side lines. We are the innocent victims of capitalism turf wars!

  3. You also realize that you’ll be stuck with your Google capable TV as-is for years or the risk of flashing a $2000 panel into a big ass brick. Whereas, jailbreaking an Apple TV or even Roku box will mean a possible $99 puck to play jockey with. I know which one I feel happier messing with. Also I’m sure you’ll have fun “booting up” your TV five minutes before you actually want to watch it.

  4. Okay, I think you got a nasty hang-over from that Ice Cider Wine you had the other night.

    Re-read the article, follow the links, check-out what Google & Logitech have to say. ‘Cuz I have no idea what you’re referring to.

    Besides, people are rooting Android devices as much as they are jailbreaking iOS devices. But why would I want to root my Google TV/Logitech setup box anyways? I’m assuming Google won’t distribute through providers who are going Bowdlerize the device.